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'A gifted writer'

eva asprakis author

Thirty-Eight Days of Rain

thirty-eight days of rain

A NetGalley Book of the Month (March 2024)​

An IndieReader Approved and Best Reviewed Book (March 2024)​

A Reedsy Discovery Featured Recommendation (March 2024)

'An engrossing and fascinating exploration of the complexity of identity and belonging'
Polis Loizou, author of A Good Year

'A sad but uplifting novel about a young couple's immigration struggles and love for their cultural heritage . . . Eva Asprakis is a gifted writer, and Thirty-Eight Days of Rain deserves attention for its focus on the problems of young-adult émigrés'
Alicia Rudnicki for IndieReader

"What matters more, your place as a daughter or as a mother?"

Androulla is twenty-four and newly married when she learns that she is infertile. In a bid for Cypriot citizenship she is undergoing adoption by her stepfather, and wondering if she will have to adopt a child one day herself.

As this reality sets in, Androulla's marriage unravels. Between migration departments and doctor's appointments, she must question what it means to be from somewhere, what it means to be a woman and, when an impossible choice presents itself, which of these things means the most to her.

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