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eva asprakis

Eva Asprakis was raised in South London by her American mother and Cypriot stepfather, who subsequently adopted her. She now lives in Nicosia with her partner, and is the author of two contemporary fiction novels. Her work explores themes of immigration and cultural identity, as well as sexual politics and complex familial relationships.

What's in a name?

By the time her first book published, Eva had accumulated four surnames. She had her mother's French-Canadian name. She had the name that was on her British passport. She had her Cypriot family name, gained after her adoption. And, newly, she had her married name.

An element omnipresent in Eva's work is a fractured sense of self, and the struggle to reconcile aspects of an unconventional background. By translating her American name into Greek, she sought to honor two of the earliest influences on her life and work.

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